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TOUR FULL – San Ysidro Debris Basin Tour

September 19, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
San Ysidro Debris Basin
Cathleen Garnand

San Ysidro Debris BasinTOUR FULL – We have reached the maximum number of participants we are able to take on this tour.

The San Ysidro Debris Basin is one of several sites in the Montecito and Carpinteria area that serve as flood protection facilities. The debris basin was damaged in the January 9 debris flow, but it did retain debris and protect downstream properties. Join Andrew Raffe and Doug Toews of the County’s Flood Control District to hear a bit of the history of the debris basins, the sequence of events that occurred in the debris flow, and ongoing operations that the Flood Control District is pursuing to prepare for this upcoming winter.

RSVP required to Cathleen Garnand Access and parking is extremely limited. A carpool may have to be organized depending on the number of people / drivers that RSVP.  If there are less than 5 participants, the site visit will be cancelled.

Meet at the San Ysidro Debris Basin, upper West Park Lane. There is a small dirt parking area, please carpool if possible.