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Creek Week Wooden Rain Barrel Special with SB Channelkeeper

September 21, 2017 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
SB Channelkeeper
714 Bond Ave
Santa Barbara, CA 93103

rain barrelGet ready for the winter rain with a wooden rain barrel!  Through Channelkeeper’s Rein the Rain Project, they have several beautiful, repurposed wood rain barrels available for sale for a Creek Week special of $75, which includes a DIY kit to connect the barrel to your rectangular downspout.

Channelkeeper partnered with local vintners and brewers to secure oak barrels previously used to age wine and beer and then convert them into rain barrels and distribute them to people who want to conserve water. Tools like rain barrels promote water conservation while also reducing stormwater runoff, our number one source of water pollution. Rain barrels also serve as an introduction to other water conservation practices including installing smart water meters, replacing water-thirsty landscapes with water-wise plants, installing rain gardens and bioswales (mini-wetlands) that soak up rainfall, and installing cisterns or larger rain tanks.

Many thanks to our barrel partners, Figueroa Mountain Brewery, Beckmen Winery, Buttonwood Winery, Imagine Wines, and Melville Winery supporting the project. Email us to get yours today!

Special demonstration and pick up on Thursday, September 21 from 4- 6pm at the Channelkeeper office at 714 Bond Ave, SB, CA 93103.